Morpheus – The app to assist trauma treatment

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How Morpheus can help

Trauma Exposition

  • Recording of the patient therapist dialogue during exposure therapy
  • Repeated listening to the record to increase the exposure effect

Therapy Progress

  • Tracking of the emotional and dissociative states
  • Statistics about the therapy progress

Improving the learn effect

  • 12 digital anti-dissociative skills
  • Alarm if dissociation has been detected

Morpheus Video Demo

Morpheus does not replace a therapist nor does Morpheus provide diagnostic information. Read more about the differenciation of Morpheus to a medical product.

Patients and therapists love Morpheus

“Morpheus makes the therapeutic outcome more visible and allows me to better bear the challenge of the therapy”

A PTSD patient who uses Morpheus

“The app saves time and helps to focus on the patient. Recording and organising sessions never was easier.”

A therapist who uses Morpheus with her patients

Digital Anti-Dissociation Skills

Skills are offered in auditive, visual and logical sensory domains. The skills adapt their difficulty to you to prevent boredom and frustration. We offer these skills in a stand-alone and free of charge app to enable you as a patient to benefit from lastest reasearch findings.


The user answers questionnaires before, during and after an exposition . These responses provide a valuable insight about the therapy progress for the therapist and helps the patient to understand the changes. The data is presented to the patient in an information visualisation and can be shared with the therapist.

Stimulus Detonation

When the patient no longer responds, Morpheus assumes dissociative effects and triggers a “stimulus detonation”. This alarm uses all available outputs of a smartphone: the screen flashes, the smartphone vibrates and a 1kHz sinus wave with irregular alternating white noise is played. This usually is enough to break through the dissociation, according to patient reports.

Multiple Language Support

Morpheus is available in English, German, Swedish and Dutch. More languages will be supported soon. The app automatically detects your phones language and switches to the corresponding translation. If your language is not supported yet, it will use English as the default language.


Vote which language Morpheus should support next. This questionnaire is brought to you by our questionnaire platform STATUS. Your answers will not be passed on to third parties.

Scientificaly tested

Morpheus is developed in cooperation with the research institution ZI Mannheim. Research shows that patients feel that Morpheus improves their therapy and have given Morpheus top marks for its usability. Read the publication in the JMIR Journal (English).